Baby C is just about to hit 17 months and she is gaining new skills everyday.  Including, how to wear at hat.

Funny Hat?  Maybe Funny Baby is more appropriate.

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this plant was alive when i received it.






it’s staying alive by a thread . . .  i need some help with my green thumb.


i am a lucky woman.  

not only does my baby have 4 living grandparents, but she also has my husband’s Opa for a great grandfather.  

we recently celebrated his 89th birthday!  can’t believe we’re less than a year from celebrating the landmark 90!  

when asked what his goals were for this coming year, he said, “my walking and hearing”.  for those who know him will think the second remark is funny.  he has lost all hearing in his left ear and he has difficulty hearing with his right, though has a hearing aid to make things a bit clearer.  in other words, Opa is 89 years old with an amazing sense of humour.  

Happy Birthday Opa!


so i’m not even sure when i had made my last post.  i’m just pretty sure it was a very long time ago.

i have been working on many things . . .  yes, i will share:

1. wedding season
i am in the middle of a great + insanely busy season.  i am so grateful.  however, getting my work to my clients is a major priority . . .  so personal projects (like this blog) end up on the backburner . . .

2.  baby land
i really don’t like using it as an excuse . . . but my little one has turned 1 (which i still have photos to post!) and she is becoming more and more of a handful everyday.  i used to be able to work almost an entire day without much interruption but now, my daughter will crawl away from her mountain of toys, across the room to hug my leg as I furiously try to edit + process images from a wedding which took place weeks beforehand.  with that said, these days, most of my work happens first thing in the morning, during a nap or while she sleeps at night.  i love her.  but yes, life has changed.

3.  creative projects
my wonderful friend Joanna and i have been dreaming up beautiful projects to make together.  a few weeks ago, Celine and i went for a little creative vacation to Joanna’s home in Hamilton where we worked on making pretty pictures.  a post of these images will hopefully surface soon!

4.  life!
and yes, i am so fortunate to admit that i have a life outside of my work.  i have a faithful and loving husband who i love to spend time with!  we recently purchased our first home and finally got possession of last Thursday.  with that said, we have been feverishly painting, packing boxes and trying to get organized amidst items 1 to 3 (see above).

i will leave you with a “behind the scenes” image . . . see Joanna (the baby whisperer) taking lovely care of Ellie while Celine + I were busy with making images.

looking forward to getting back to posting on here more regularly.  cross your fingers with me, please!